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Accessing ARTstor Mobile on Apple Devices

The ARTstor mobile site can be accessed at: from the following devices and software:

-IPhone 2.2.1+
-IPod 2.2.1+
-IPad, IPad 21
-Safari 5+
-Firefox 5+

1If using Safari please make sure to select these settings:

  • Go to Settings, then select Safari
    • "Accept cookies" should NOT be set to "Never"
    • "Private Browsing" of device should be disabled

Logging into ARTstor Mobile on Apple Devices

As with the ARTstor Digital Library, if you are accessing ARTstor from outside of your institution’s network, you will be asked to use your ARTstor username and password to log in to the mobile site. Please enter your password in all lower-case.

Click here to return to the ARTstor Mobile main help page.

Visit ARTstor's website: