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Create an image group description

  1. Log in to your registered user account and open an image group you created:
  2. From the Search & Browse page, go to the Folders and Image Groups area in the center of the page and click Open.


    Go to the ARTstor navigation menu and click Organize > Open image group.

  3. A new window will open displaying a list of the folders available to you. Click the plus sign (+) next to a folder title to expand it and display its contents. Click the minus sign (-) to collapse an expanded folder.
  4. Click an image group name and then click Open. The dialog box will close and the contents of the selected group will appear as thumbnails.
  5. Click Create image group description (located on the left side of the small bar above the thumbnail images).
  6. Enter text in image group description field and click Save.
  7. To close the image group description, click on the minus sign (-) to close the image group description pane.