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Online Training

ARTstor User Services offers webinars for a range of users at subscribing institutions: All Users, Instructor-Level Users, and ARTstor Administrators. Webinars are conducted in GoToMeeting.

All sessions are scheduled in Eastern Time (EST). Remember to convert these times to your own time zoneto find a session that is convenient for your schedule.

Basic Artstor Webinars for All Users

These 30-minute sessions provide an overview of tools and features in the Artstor Digital Library.

View, Print, Download Images April 2 10:30 am EST Register now
ARTstor Mobile April 18 12:30 pm EST Register now
Find Images in Artstor April 10 12:30 am EST Register now

Advanced Artstor Webinars for Instructor-Level Users

These 30-60 minute sessions are designed for instructor-level users and focus on the tools and features in the Artstor Digital Library for integrating images, your own and those in the Artstor Digital Library, in course curriculum.

Using Folders April 21 1:30 pm EST Register now

Comprehensive Artstor Webinars

These 60-minute sessions are geared towards users or local administrators who would like more in-depth knowledge of Artstor’s tools and features.

Intro April 9 2:30 pm EST Register now
Advanced April 17 10:30 am EST Register now

Artstor Webinars for Administrators

These 30-minute sessions are designed for designated local Artstor Administrators.

Using the Admin Site April 7 11:30 am EST Register now
Using the Stats Site April 16 11:30 am EST Register now

Subject Specific Webinars

History of Photography Feb 6 3:00pm EST Register now
What Can You Do With Artstor? Feb 7 12:00pm EST Register now
World History Feb 12 3:00pm EST Register now
Artstor for K-12 Schools Feb 18 4:00pm EST Register now
Using Images in the Classroom Feb 20 3:00pm EST Register now
Fashion and Costume Feb 25 3:00pm EST Register now
Visual Literacy Feb 26 11:00am EST Register now
Using Images in the Classroom Mar 3 2:00pm EST Register now
Artstor for K-12 Schools Mar 11 6:00pm EST Register now
Artstor for K-12 Schools Apr 8 7:00pm EST Register now

We offer web training via a conference call session or through Voice over IP software (VoIP). Conference call sessions require you to call our local number in New York City. VoIP sessions allow you to attend using a headset or headphones instead of a phone. No special software is required for either method.

Please note: You must register at least 24 hours before the session is scheduled to begin. Space is limited. If possible, please notify if you cannot attend a session you have registered for, in order to make available your spot to another user.

If you have 3 or more individuals interested in a session, and our schedule does not accommodate yours, please contact to inquire about arranging a webinar for your group.

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