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Personal collections


Personal Collections are available to registered users with Instructor-level privileges. After logging in to your ARTstor account, the Personal Collection options will appear on the front page of the Digital Library under "My personal collection". You can build your collection by uploading images and adding data, and set access levels for your files.

Please note: Participating ARTstor institutions may or may not choose to enable Personal Collections. Please contact your institutional contact via the link on the front page if you have questions about access to Personal Collections.

Upload images

  1. Log in to your ARTstor account. Go to the ARTstor navigation menu and click Upload > Upload to personal collection > Image and audio files.
    Please note: If the "Upload" toolbar button does not appear, there are two possible reasons:
  2. In the new window that opens, click Click here to select file(s)... to open your computer's directory to find the files that you would like to upload.
  3. Click a file name to select it, then click Open.
    Please note: Supported file types include JPG/JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG, or any MP3 audio file.
  4. Click Upload. A bar will appear along the bottom of the window that will track the progress of the download. Depending on the size of the file(s) and the speed of your network connection, this may take a few seconds or a couple of minutes. You will see a confirmation message once the upload is complete.
  5. You can continue to upload an additional batch of images, or click X in the upper right hand corner to close the window. Once uploaded to the ARTstor site, your files will be available to view, download, and export to PowerPoint or OIV in approximately one hour.
    Next you can:

Quick Tips

While you may select as many images to upload at a time as you would like, we strongly encourage you to upload a maximum of 20-30 images at a time or 200 mb at a time, whichever constraint is met first. The Personal Collection uploader, will not do these calculations for you. You will need to keep this in mind for optimal performance and reduced wait times on upload.

Please note: Users logging in through a Proxy or whose Flash Player is not up to date will only be able to select one image at a time to upload.

You can also Upload local images from the OIV to ARTstor.

Add data

  1. From the "My personal collection" area on the right side of the search page within the Digital Library, click Manage personal collection. In the new window that opens, select a Personal Collection category from the column on the left, and then select a file from the column on the right. Click Edit Data. The image data window will open.


    From the "My personal collection" area on the right side of the search page within the Digital Library, click Browse personal collection. Double-click a Personal Collection category and choose an image to edit. Then click the text beneath the thumbnail to open the data window.
  2. Enter information about the file in the data fields. If you wish to view more fields click Show all. Click Save when you are finished.
    Please note: For a more detailed discussion of these VRA Core 3.0 fields, as well as examples of data records, please see:

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